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Etuttle sanitary ware co.LTD Is the collection research,
development, production and sales of ceramic sanitary ware, hotel bathroom, bathroom, leading flower is aspersed, hardware accessories and other products for the integration of enterprises that defend bath.  As a new marketing type advocate innovation that defend bath, after years of practice, pioneering sanitary ware wholesale model, and actively practice and guide the domestic value marketing concept.

After ten years of development, in the field of engineering and OEM won the praise of the industry, was voted the "engineering experts that defend bath" and "ceramic ware OEM managed expert".

In the field of engineering sanitary ware products, from raw material to finished product production, strictly control every production process, to ensure that each piece of special ceramic products of high quality output.  Whether in the star hotel, resort hotel, quick hotel, airport, clubs, high-grade office buildings, apartments, can according to the hotel positioning and style, designed a set of suitable products for the project.

In OEM custody of ceramic sanitary ware, Etuttle sanitary ware after years of study, has been successfully broke through the ceramic sanitary ware production and marketing bottlenecks.  Can fully solve the research and development, production, circulation, low cost and market sales of the whole industry chain operation problems.

On product research and development design, ETuttle the world's leading design concept into the Oriental elements, to cater to the modern consumer fashion trends, to develop fashionable, fashionable sanitary products.  Get the most of consumers trust and praise.
Not only in the field of engineering and OEM managed to get the height of the customer service and corporate identity.


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